Wednesday, March 14, 2007


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Why I Support Ron Paul

In a nutshell? Ron Paul is exactly like me. Okay, politically speaking-I am not a older gentleman who has served as a doctor in the military during Vietnam, an OB/Gyn practitioner, and a Congressman for the 14th District of Texas. But if I were, we would be identical twins.

Ron Paul believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He is an ardant defender of the Constitution and is willing to stand up and make the changes necissary to bring our country back to the laws of our founding documents-namely the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He is the only politican out there who feels like we do-what has happened to America and how do we get it back?

I believe good way to start on the road back to our roots as a great nation would be to elect Ron Paul.

I am no one special. I am a mom before anything. I am a concerned citizen. I am not wealthy, nor am I a business owner or a lobbyist. I am just an average person who wants to know that my country is heading in the right direction. I am a MOM who wants to know that the country I love will someday be a place where I know my son will be safe from an overpowering and over zealous federal government that is intent on joining a world government that I not only do not support, but do not have the "right" to vote on. I am a person who would never, in a million years, have donated to someone's political campaign....until now.

I am using my spare change to support real change in the American government, and to support Ron Paul for president, because at least then I can vote and feel that I am doing the right thing for my country and my family.

Where does Ron Paul Stand?

Taken in excerpts from his website

For the full text on any of these topics go here.

On debt and taxes: "Lower taxes allow more spending, saving, and investing which helps the economy – that means all of us. In addition, the Federal Reserve, our central bank, fosters runaway debt by increasing the money supply – making each dollar in your pocket worth less. We cannot continue to allow private banks, wasteful agencies, lobbyists, corporations on welfare, and governments collecting foreign aid to dictate the size of our ballooning budget. We need a new method to prioritize our spending. It’s called the Constitution of the United States."

On American Indpendance and Soveriegnty: "So called free trade deals and world governmental organizations like the International Criminal Court (ICC), NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and CAFTA are a threat to our independence as a nation. They transfer power from our government to unelected foreign elites. We must withdraw from any organizations and trade deals that infringe upon the freedom and independence of the United States of America."

War and Foriegn Policy: "We can continue to fund and fight no-win police actions around the globe, or we can refocus on securing America and bring the troops home. No war should ever be fought without a declaration of war voted upon by the Congress, as required by the Constitution. Under no circumstances should the U.S. again go to war as the result of a resolution that comes from an unelected, foreign body, such as the United Nations. At the same time, we must not isolate ourselves. The generosity of the American people has been felt around the globe. Many have thanked God for it, in many languages. Let us have a strong America, conducting open trade, travel, communication, and diplomacy with other nations."

Immegration: "The talk must stop. We must secure our borders now. A nation without secure borders is no nation at all. It makes no sense to fight terrorists abroad when our own front door is left unlocked." [Note: Dr. Paul actually has a written 6-point plan for his immegration policies. Please go to his website to look at it.]

Privacy and Personal Liberty: "The biggest threat to your privacy is the government. We must drastically limit the ability of government to collect and store data regarding citizens’ personal matters. We must stop the move toward a national ID card system. All states are preparing to issue new driver’s licenses embedded with “standard identifier” data – a national ID. A national ID with new tracking technologies means we’re heading into an Orwellian world of no privacy. I voted against the Real ID Act in March of 2005. I have fought this fight for many years. I sponsored a bill to overturn the Patriot Act and have won some victories, but today the threat to your liberty and privacy is very real. We need leadership at the top that will prevent Washington from centralizing power and private data about our lives."

Property rights and Eminent Domain: "Our country’s founders would roll over in their graves if they saw the takings clause in the Fifth Amendment used to justify booting people out of their homes for the profit of private developers and tax-hungry local governments. The Supreme Court’s Kelo decision said government power could be used to condemn private homes and churches to benefit a huge pharmaceutical corporation and a large property developer.
Today, we face a new threat of widespread eminent domain actions as a result of powerful interests who want to build a NAFTA superhighway through the United States from Mexico to Canada. The next president must get federal agencies out of these schemes to deny property owners their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property."

Who is Ron Paul?

"Ron’s political base is fiscal conservatives, anti-tax citizens, anti-war Republicans, Democrats and Independents, constitutionalists, hard-money advocates, small business owners, civil libertarians, anti-universal healthcare physicians, pro-lifers, parents who home school, and anyone else who considers himself a real patriot. In other words, if Ron’s substantial base provides him with volunteers, contributions and votes, he would be a very competitive candidate."-Murray Sabrin, Ph.D.; professor of finance in the Anisfield School of Business.

From his website
Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the "one exception to the Gang of 535" on Capitol Hill.Ron Paul was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine, before proudly serving as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force during the 1960s. He and his wife Carol moved to Texas in 1968, where he began his medical practice in Brazoria County. As a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He and Carol, who reside in Lake Jackson, Texas, are the proud parents of five children and have 17 grandchildren.While serving in Congress during the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dr. Paul's limited-government ideals were not popular in Washington. In 1976, he was one of only four Republican congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan for president. During that time, Congressman Paul served on the House Banking committee, where he was a strong advocate for sound monetary policy and an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve's inflationary measures. He was an unwavering advocate of pro-life and pro-family values. Dr. Paul consistently voted to lower or abolish federal taxes, spending and regulation, and used his House seat to actively promote the return of government to its proper constitutional levels. In 1984, he voluntarily relinquished his House seat and returned to his medical practice.Dr. Paul returned to Congress in 1997 to represent the 14th congressional district of Texas. He presently serves on the House Committee on Financial Services and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He continues to advocate a dramatic reduction in the size of the federal government and a return to constitutional principles.Congressman Paul’s consistent voting record prompted one of his congressional colleagues to say, “Ron Paul personifies the Founding Fathers' ideal of the citizen-statesman. He makes it clear that his principles will never be compromised, and they never are." Another colleague observed, "There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles. Ron Paul is one of those few."
Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:He has never voted to raise taxes. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget. He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership. He has never voted to raise congressional pay. He has never taken a government-paid junket. He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
He voted against the Patriot Act. He voted against regulating the Internet. He voted against the Iraq war. He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program. He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year. Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress."

“If every member of Congress voted like Representative Paul, Americans could enjoy much lower taxes and less waste in government”- National Taxpayers Union President John Berthoud.

Making Change Starts Here

Here it is-my change for Change. I am starting today with $1.49 in money found under my couch, in the bottom of my purse, and in between the seats of my car.
I am not a wealthy person by any stretch of the imagination-but when I believe in something or someone I think it's important to do everything I can to work for it.
I believe in Ron Paul.
I am not a person that has ever gotten behind a politician before, let alone planned on giving my money to a political campaign. Truth be told, I have been so disillusioned by the people in office-all offices-these days that I was going to have trouble picking who was the least terrible for 2008 and still feel good about voting for them. Luckily with some handy reasearch I found out that Ron Paul is running. After reading what he had to say it was like if I were running for office (and were an older gentleman who has been both a congressman and an OB/Gyn). Everything I feel politically is there. I am still searching for something that I disagree with him on.
Here's something even better-he votes according to what he says! He didn't just "disagree" with the Patriot Act but still vote for it. You can check out his voting record on Congress' website and you'll find like I did that it matches every word he says. Truth is rare and invaluable in politics these days.
So how much does it cost to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate? In reality-between $50 million and $100 million. I know that in that perspective (or practically any perspective) $1.49 isn't a lot of money- though eventually there will be more, as I add all of my change into it over the next 9 months-but just think of this: if every person in the United States donated $1.49 that means we could raise $444,681,880.35-and that is a lot of money~over four times as much as it takes to run a campaign that gets attention! So start gathering the change and make a difference!
If you support Ron Paul on your website, or start your own change for Change box/jar/bucket just email me and I will link to your site!